Sustainable farming is thinking about the future. The choices we make in agriculture today affect all future generations, which is something too many farming businesses ignore. Winchester Farm is committed to reversing the harmful effects of “traditional” farming philosophy on its land and providing a responsible farming model that can provide ample produce and livestock without exhausting our natural resources.

Winchester Farm Piglet

Food for the Future

To think about the future of farming, we have to study the past. Farming is a cultural necessity and one of the oldest human endeavors. These days, agriculture has become industrialized to the point that it is harming the ecosystems in which it operates, with little or no regard for the future. This puts the next generation in jeopardy.

Intensive farming, also known as factory farming, has become a global problem. But global problems are rarely resolved by global solutions. Instead, to borrow a phrase from Julian Rose, we must seek local solutions to global problems. Winchester Farm is deeply committed to optimizing its regional resources, including its people, to combat harmful farming practices on a local scale. We are growing food not just for ourselves, but for future generations.