At Winchester Farm, we believe natural, chemical-free farming not only produces the best fare, but also can be a localized solution to the global problem of agribusiness farming. Where so many industrialized farms are fighting against nature, we prefer to work with the elements, utilizing the Earth’s natural chemicals to achieve a natural balance of nutrients.

Winchester Farm Feeding


At Winchester Farm, everything we do starts with the soil.  “You are what you eat”, after all, and what you eat comes from the soil. In fact, if  you believe the creation story in Genesis, we all came from the soil – Adam came from adamah, the Hebrew word for humus. Humus is the ultimate in fertile soil, full of organic matter, nutrients and life.

To counterbalance the damaging effects of conventional farming, we began our new approach by applying large quantities of ground limestone (calcium) to all of our pastures and grain fields. Calcium, which essential for soil health, is often stripped out without being properly replaced on modern farms. After several years refining this technique, we’ve successfully restored our land to its natural balance of minerals and nutrients. As a result, any visitor to the farm can plainly see that our wildlife is diverse beyond what conventional monoculture farms can offer.


All of our meat is free of herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. Since the end of World War II, which left huge surpluses of ammonium nitrate available to be used for very inexpensive fertilizer, almost all of America’s grain farmers have chosen to replace traditional organic methods of improving the soil with chemical solutions to get more grain from the land, without regard to the long term effect. Nature’s processes fight against these foreign solutions, and in the end, she will always win — which is why we prefer a more natural approach.

Natural Diets

All of our animals are fed chemical-free, natural diets with food indigenous to our land. Our free-range animals feed on healthy, natural grass. A good diet produces healthier, happier livestock and a more natural, flavorful food product.

Clean Produce

All of our fruits and vegetables are grown chemical-free, without GMOs, at our Whiteville TN farm. The fact that we are local allows us to harvest and deliver fresh, healthy produce to consumers within 24 hours. This greatly reduces our carbon footprint, and it helps you eat better food… Eat Local!