Animals & Produce

“Eating is inescapably an act of agriculture . . and how we eat determines, in large part, how we use our world.” 
– Wendell Berry

Because our Winchester Farm livestock is raised on natural, sustainable land, the resulting beef and pork is both healthy and rich in flavor. Our animals are always on pasture – no feedlots. Those going to local slaughter are supplemented with free choice, non-GMO grains for the last few weeks.



Black Angus Beef

Angus cattle are the keystone of Winchester Farm’s operation. Since 2005, Winchester Farm Manager Jake has been building a herd of the best Angus genetics in order to produce the healthiest and most flavorful beef. The land supports 300 Angus “mama” cows, with calving occurring in the spring and fall. While many of the calves are sold on the open market, the farm can sell fresh and frozen beef directly to consumers. These animals are always on pasture, even while getting free choice, non-GMO grains. Contact us for more info at [email hidden; JavaScript is required]


All Natural Pork

Born and raised on the farm, our Berkshire X Large Black hogs are always on pasture, supplemented with non-GMO grains.

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